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Marissa Packer, CSM

Senior Business Development Associate

My favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities is…Teresa’s or Champps. You cannot beat Teresa’s cheese dip and Champps’ waffle fries… with seasoned sour cream of course!

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be… I would live in multiple places; it would be cool to live at least once on each continent (with the exception of Antarctica). The first place I would probably pick would be Paris because I have always wanted to go there since I took French in high school.

What attracted you to Hollstadt? The people and the atmosphere. You can definitely feel and sense the positive energy right when you walk in the front door.

Can’t live without? Sriracha sauce.  I put that stuff on everything; you can never have too much spice!  

What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher. I thought it would be awesome to be a teacher because you would get the summer off!

Favorite quote? “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Pets? None. The only pet I have ever had was a beta fish which was used to ask me to prom in high school!

Favorite holiday? I love ALL holidays but I will narrow it down to two: Fourth of July and Christmas.  I love the Fourth because I love the barbecues, fireworks, and all of the other fun things that come with it.  I love Christmas because it is about spending quality time with your family and friends.

Nickname growing up? Miss Mariss and Kat (as in the animal but with a ‘K’).  I’m not sure how Kat came about but my Dad is the one who just started calling me Kat and it stuck!