In today’s job market, we are hearing more and more about culture fit and how important it is to employees. But, in addition to looking at the culture of the client you’ll be working for, there is also the culture of your consulting firm to evaluate as well. Here are some key areas to focus on when evaluating whether a consulting firm is right for you:

Recruiting Process
One of the best parts of working with a consulting firm is having a Career Agent/Recruiter aiding in your search. When selecting a firm, make sure you have an opportunity to chat with a Recruiter there first to be able to relay what you are looking for in the culture with your next position. This will be a key first step in ensuring the firm is right for you (because they are spending the time to get to know you and what you are looking for) and so that the Recruiter knows what to be looking for as the receive potential positions for you.

Client Relationships
Hollstadt is a relationship focused firm so most of the positions we are working on are roles where we can talk directly to the hiring manager which is a huge benefit to our consultants. Be sure to ask consulting firms about their client base and if they have relationships with hiring managers. For roles you are presented with, ask if they have other consultants already working there and if so, what feedback they have provided on the culture there. This is a great way to get some initial insight into the culture of the company you could be working for and gives you an idea of how well the consulting firm knows the client.

Support and Engagement
What support is offered to you by the consulting firm throughout your contract? Are there training opportunities? Are there opportunities to build relationships with internal staff and other consultants to network and create a sense of connection? Once your contract ends, what’s the process the firm follows to help you find a new gig? These are all questions you will want to ask your consulting firm to ensure they offer you the support you need! At Hollstadt, we are proud to offer all of these areas of support and engagement, plus a variety of other benefits for our consultants.

We all know that finding that right fit is important. That’s the great part about consulting! You can find that perfect consulting firm who knows you, your career goals and interests and focuses on positioning you for those key roles at amazing clients. The best part – they do it over and over again on your behalf ensuring you personal growth, a variety of opportunities and ultimately the flexibility to choose what’s best for you at any given time.