Job searching in general can be stressful and time consuming without dealing with a pandemic but throw that in the mix and things can start to feel very overwhelming. So, for those of you going through the job search process now, or for those thinking about starting the hunt, here are a few things you should expect and some helpful tips and tricks to ease the stress and keep your confidence up.

Polish up your LinkedIn Profile — Interacting face-to-face during this challenging time has become more and more difficult, so it is extremely important to stay up to date with your LinkedIn profile to continue to get your name out there. Continuously updating your experience and adding skills will help people get a feel for who you are and your background. This is a great place to build yourself up and market your brand. Go ahead and toot your own horn, show the world what you can do!

Get comfortable with Video Interviews — With more and more companies turning away from in-person interviews in favor of video interviews during this pandemic it is important for you to really get used to this process. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the application that is going to be used, as Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, etc. all operate a little differently. If you can get comfortable presenting yourself virtually, you will be able to let your skills and knowledge shine during the interview, instead of worrying about any technical issues. Be sure to check out our Video Interview blog for more tips to get ready!

Remote Opportunities — Now that many companies are allowing for more work from home opportunities, the likelihood of finding a remote position is increasing. With companies realizing that remote work doesn’t negatively impact their productivity, some of our clients are more open to considering full-time remote candidates for their open roles. Another option is to consider opportunities in other parts of the state or nationally.

Virtual Networking — Networking is a must, no matter if you are looking for new opportunities or are just building your current network. Unfortunately, our remote lifestyle these days can make this more challenging…but don’t let that stop you! There are several great tools you can use to network remotely, the largest being LinkedIn, but you can also look into specific networking events within your industry. Many industries have begun to offer virtual happy hours, workshops, and various other trainings. This is just one more reason why you should make sure you are keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date!

Keep an Open Mind — If you have ever thought about switching industries and trying something new, now is a great time to consider that shift. Be flexible and keep an open mind about what will come next. Remember, something you may have never thought possible or even considered as a next step could very well be your perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting, you may be surprised where your next adventure brings you!

So, while certain things are a little more difficult while job searching during a pandemic, it isn’t impossible! Getting comfortable with the way the job market is changing will help you drastically. Remember, the hunt isn’t the same as it was in years past. Getting caught up with the times will not only help you to find a job, but it will also show your future employers that you are eager to learn new things and are adaptable. Keeping your networks up to date and keeping your name relevant is a must. It’s a difficult time, but staying open to new, and maybe scary, opportunities may just push you to the next level. And as always, Hollstadt is here to help. Reach on out and we’d be happy to talk to you about the open opportunities we are seeing and help you find the perfect role for you.