Anna Holt, CPSR

Senior Recruiter

What brought me to Hollstadt? I had a personal connection at Hollstadt that knew I was in recruiting and reached out to see if I would ever be interested in leaving my current position. As it so happened, I was passively keeping an eye out for new positions, so the timing was perfect! Once I came in to the office and met with the team, I knew Hollstadt was the place for me. What really drew me in was the fact that as a Recruiter, I would actually get to meet everyone I worked with in person (my previous recruiting was all over the country) and build and maintain relationships with those consultants.

Favorite vacation spot: One of my favorite vacation spots was Aruba. My ideal vacation is sleeping in, and then spending the whole day lounging at the beach with a good book, and heading into the water whenever we got too hot, which is exactly what we did!

First Job: My first job was working at my uncle’s tree farm around the holidays. I would help shake and bail trees (when I had to…) and if I was lucky, I would get to help in the office ringing people up for their purchase. Staying inside and not having to do manual labor was definitely a better fit for me.

Fun fact: When I was in elementary school, my family and I lived for a summer in Sweden. My dad was a university professor and spent the summer working at a school in Umeå, and during our time there we travelled around Sweden, Finland, and Norway! Very cool experience to have had!

Some professional associations I am involved with: I have been involved for many years with both PMI and IIBA’s MN chapters. I have been to monthly meetings for both, and participate in their career fairs and PDDs whenever I have the chance.

The Hollstadt core value I most identify with: ‘Do the right thing.’ This core value is another reason I was so drawn to Hollstadt. Acting with integrity, following through on what I say I am going to do, and doing my best to ensure that any decision/solution is what’s best for everyone involved is very important to me.