Molly Jungbauer, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

What brought me to Hollstadt? I was lucky enough to buy this great firm with Jim in 2012 but have been part of the Hollstadt family since 2004 when Jim started working at Hollstadt.

My favorite restaurant: Acqua; it has fabulous food, ambiance, and service. I have eaten at a lot of restaurants around the world and Acqua provides the best overall experience I have had, and as an added bonus, they happen to be located in my hometown.

Dream vacation spot? Many places! I hope to travel the world. I love history and it is such a privilege to be able to visit and see them in person.

Can’t live without? Chocolate – I love it!

Favorite sports team? The Minnesota Wild.

I am inspired by… so many it is hard to name just one person. I meet heroes everyday who have had to overcome personal tragedy or health issues and they still find reasons to be happy and live their lives productively. Their strength is truly inspirational.

First Job? Detasseling corn- one of the toughest jobs around!

Favorite quote: “If you’re not uncomfortable, then you aren’t growing.” I’m not sure who originally said it, but I have found this to be profoundly true in my career. I get a lot of satisfaction from pushing myself into areas I’m not good at to expand my knowledge and abilities.

Fun fact: I have a passion for tax policy and have lobbied for many positive tax changes for small businesses.

Professional associations I am involved with: MN Chamber Board of Directors, TechServe Alliance, MN Society of CPA’s

A tip for candidates: Never stop learning! We pride ourselves at Hollstadt for the investment we make in our consultants’ professional and personal development. I’m also proud to say that a majority of our employees appreciate and take advantage of the training classes we offer.

A volunteer organization that I’m passionate about: Solid Ground of MN. I had the honor to serve on their board for 6 years and chair for 2 of those years. I also won their volunteer family of the year award with my aunt and mom who both volunteer their time to the organization as well. Their mission is to end the cycle of homelessness by providing housing and supportive services.

The Hollstadt core value I most identify with: Do the Right Thing. I find this core value applies to just about everything we do every day.