With unemployment rates at historic highs, there are many people out there right now looking for their next role.  Searching for a job during a pandemic can be overwhelming, and even more so if it an unplanned job search. But wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone out there working to help you land your next gig? One that is perfect for your skillsets and career goals? If so, you might be in need of a Career Agent.

You may be asking yourself…what is a Career Agent? At Hollstadt Consulting, we define our Recruiters as Career Agents. They act as an agent on your behalf to find you the best possible fit for your next role. 

Hollstadt Career Agents invest a lot of time getting to know each and every candidate in depth. From the initial emails and phone conversations, through the in person (or now virtual) interviews, they ask specific questions to dig into your work history, personal and career goals, what you’ve liked and disliked about past jobs, and more in order to help you pinpoint what that “ideal” next step looks like. They work FOR you – to find you the best fit professionally, personally, and financially. 

It can be overwhelming to look for jobs, stay on top of your applications, tailor resumes for different companies, and work with firms like Hollstadt for contract and contract-for-hire work. Hollstadt Career Agents will take on the bulk of that responsibility for you. They help with resume updates and tailor those to pull out key highlights on why you fit each role. When your Career Agent submits you for a position, they stay in touch throughout the entire process. Your resume is not lost in a black hole; rather, they work closely with the Client Account Managers to get updates, feedback, interviews, and next steps. You are not a number; you are a valued member of our community. 

One of Hollstadt’s core values is “Grow and Prosper”. Our core values play crucial part of our daily business, something that you’ll hear us quote and tie back to everything we do. Our Career Agents take this core value to heart as they work with you to identify your career goals and then work towards helping you meet them. We take the time to get to know you, assist with accountability and career planning and, ultimately, help you achieve them! 

If you’re looking for your next role, and want to connect with a Career Agent of your own, reach out to Hollstadt at careers@hollstadt.com, through our LinkedIn page, or directly to any of our Recruiters (aka Career Agents). We’d love to connect with you and start building a plan to get you to your next career goal.