By Tom Simpson

The end of a contract can be stressful – wrapping up the project, helping to transfer knowledge and wondering where (and when) your next engagement will be. That’s where a good re-marketing process can make all the difference. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Hollstadt through multiple engagements and have experienced what a good re-marketing process looks like. Here are few things you can expect from Hollstadt to help you navigate your contract end date and land that next role:

Asking (and listening) to what you’re interested in for your next engagement
Several weeks before your contract end date, Hollstadt will ask what you are looking for in terms of next steps. If there is an opportunity for extension, do you want to take it? If not, what type of role are you looking for? Are you planning on taking any time off in between assignments? They really listen and do their best to find that next best fit in the timeframe I am looking for.

Helping to get your resume updated
When it’s known the contract is ending, my Hollstadt recruiter reaches out and asks me to help provide updates from my last engagement. They help me refresh my resume and tailor it to roles that I am interested in pursuing. I can include key project details, certifications or trainings I’ve completed, and my recruiter shares what hiring managers are looking for so we can be sure those are added.

Meeting with account managers
As roles are presented to me, I know my recruiter is pitching my experience and expertise to Hollstadt’s account managers. If there is a role that may be a fit, I will get the chance to meet the account manager to share more about my background. The account managers also share information with me about the project, the client site and some of the client’s strategic goals to help me decide if the opportunity would be a good fit for me.

Helping prepare for interviews
When I’m selected for an interview, I get support from the Hollstadt team to prepare me for success. They share as much information as they can about the role, client, team dynamics and project details. Sometimes I even get the chance to talk to another consultant on site to hear more about the culture and project details. This ensures I have all the tools to show up and interview well.

These are all the things Hollstadt does to help you find your next placement.  For me, knowing that there’s an entire team of recruiters, account managers and operations staff working to help me find that next engagement takes away all of the anxiety when a contract is coming to an end. If you are looking for this kind of support in your next role, check out their current openings here.