Once a month I get the privilege of hosting a meeting with new Hollstadt consultants who voluntarily participate in a workshop called “Consulting the Hollstadt Way.”

“Consulting the Hollstadt Way” is a workshop offered by Hollstadt to consultants within 90 days of their first engagement. Whether someone is new to consulting or has years of consulting experience, the expectation is that attendees will find value in this unique workshop.

During the workshop we discuss strengthening consulting skills and identifying what it means to be a Hollstadt consultant. The workshop is typically highly interactive, allowing new consultants joining the team to share experiences and tools while answering questions and networking other Hollstadt attendees. Attendance is not required but encouraged; it’s a great way to position a new engagement for success.

I have found that each time I host one of these monthly workshops, I gain valuable new insight. Meeting the amazing new consultants joining the Hollstadt team reaffirms that the Hollstadt core values resonate with others who also find them of value. All the reasons why someone chooses consulting as a career are discussed, and some of the challenges for handling difficult situations are also addressed.

Consulting as a career choice, once made, is a difficult career to step away from. The flexibility of the role, accountability of the deliverables with a defined beginning and end, and exposure to a variety of industries is a great way to help develop a new skills to your tool kit.

If you are interested in learning more about Hollstadt, please contact us at careers@hollstadt.com.

Happy consulting!