Are you considering a career in consulting? Being a consultant requires knowledge and expertise in a particular field, and the ability to adapt to different clients and situations. Let’s explore the pros and cons of consulting jobs to determine if it’s the right path for you!


One of the biggest highlights when it comes to consulting is the opportunity to get paid for every hour you work, in comparison to being a full-time employee (FTE) getting paid a set salary. With experience and credentials, it is possible to earn more as a consultant than as a FTE, and you can accomplish this by putting in the work and meeting your client expectations.

Variety and Fast Career Advancement
Do you desire more variety in your daily tasks? Consulting may be exactly what you need. Being a consultant allows you exposure to areas of the business you may not have the opportunity to be involved in a set FTE role. Each new client provides you the opportunity to learn new tools, processes, and business techniques, which not only keeps you challenged and motivated, but also grows your level of expertise and is a phenomenal resume biulder!

Consultants have an extreme level of control over their professional career. On top of having the choice among what projects or contracts to consider, as a consultant you have the flexibility to decide how and when you work, as long as you are meeting your contractual obligations and client requirements, of course. Our consultant teams spans multi-generations and experience. If you are someone who prefers a flexible work schedule, consulting may be a great option.

Not only are Hollstadt recruiters industry experts, they often times act as your wing man when it comes to finding a consultant position. Our career agents work with you one-on-one to get to know your strengths and style of work so they can place you in an environment that will bring you the most success. No need to apply to roles blindly on LinkedIn as a consultant, our recruiters get your resume directly in front of the hiring manager. Because they understand the market, they can help you prepare for interviews, negotiate salary, assist you with onboarding, and simply make sure you are well taken care of once you start that assignment. At least, that’s how we do it at Hollstadt.

One of the key benefits in consulting are the client interactions which helps tremendously when expanding your professional network. Consultants are assigned to work for different clients on diverse projects and if properly nurtured, the connections built on each contract can lead to more opportunities, better employment, and lasting professional relationships.


Job Security and Contract End Dates
There is always a potential as a consultant that a contract ends without notice. At Hollstadt, we are always communicating with our consultants and our clients to avoid any surprises. To help our consultants avoid down time between contracts, we start their next contract search well in advance so we’re ready to begin the remarket process when the time comes. As a consultant, you should ensure that you are with a firm that is helping you transition seamlessly from one client to another.

One downfall of consulting can be the limited Paid Time Off (PTO) or lack thereof. This doesn’t mean consultants are not allowed to take a day off or a vacation throughout the entirety of their contract, but it does mean there are more things to consider when thinking of taking some time away. Luckily, most consultants are paid on an hourly basis which means oftentimes they can get their hours in ahead of their desired vacation. Additionally, hourly payment structure is likely to be higher, allowing you to put money away for those days when you are not working. This is another area that Hollstadt helps our consultants navigate!

We could go on and on, but these are just a few of the pros and cons of consulting. What one person might find as a benefit, the other might view as a disadvantage depending on their current situation The flexibility and exposure to opportunities you most likely would not have found on your own, are some of the many reasons that consultants become career consultants with Hollstadt. Talk with one of Hollstadt’s Career Agents (AKA recruiters) to learn more about what consulting can do for you!