By Lori A. Peterson, PhD

One of the truly unique and uniquely beneficial things about being a consultant with Hollstadt is the attention that is paid to ensuring that consultants feel valued and supported in their work. Very soon after starting my first project with Hollstadt, I met my Consultant Coach. She took me to coffee and shared a bit about what it was like to work at the organization I’d been assigned to, how she navigated the systems and processes there, and was a friendly face that would stop by my desk now and again to see how I was acclimating.

That personal touch in my first few weeks in the role (and on an ongoing monthly basis) was important. It made for a ‘soft landing’ at this new place and provided opportunities for me to safely ask questions and to meet other Hollstadt consultants on site.

I also was fortunate to serve as a Consultant Coach at a Hollstadt client for about two years, taking over the role after my coach moved on to another assignment elsewhere. It was a very rewarding experience for me – and I trust – helpful for the Hollstadt consultants I served.

Here are some of the ways I tried to add value as a Hollstadt Consultant Coach:
When a consultant new to the client organization joins, I would connect with them (these days over virtual coffee or lunch); share a bit about how I can support them; provide them with information about the client, insights into the client’s culture, systems and processes; and offer to be a link back to the resources that Hollstadt provides. My sense is that this connection really helps consultants get through the startup phase more quickly. Doing consulting work can sometimes feel a little isolating – we’re not our clients’ employees, and we know that. However, it’s still good to have a community. So, at my client site, I work to connect newer consultants to those already on site – in this way, we build our own community and are able to learn and grow together.

 Again, this is all a plus in working for Hollstadt – I’ve not worked for any other agency that provides this connection. It’s special, and it’s meaningful.