Who do you know? How many people do you think you interact with on your average day?

Loaded question, isn’t it?

Let’s first define interaction. Let’s count everyone who you speak to and who speaks back in one way or another as an interaction. It can be as simple as one word exchanges. Oh, and online interactions don’t count. I mean face-to-face, or over the phone conversations.

For me, I average between 15-20 interactions a day. Depending on my schedule, it could be up to 30.

I recently moved into a new role at Hollstadt.  As the Strategic Sourcer, my job is to talk to people. I love interacting with individuals. Nothing excites me more than hearing about an interesting project, how someone got into the role that they are inor what someone is looking to do next. Listening to people talk about their passion and what drives them to get up every day, and then being able to find that opportunity that fits what they are looking for is one of the most exciting parts of my job.

Enough about me, let’s get back to who you know.

Let’s say you go out to eat at a new restaurant and it’s one of the best meals of your life. Do you leave that restaurant and not tell anyone about your experience? No! You tell anyone that likes to go out to eat that you tried a new restaurant!

Let’s say you are out shopping for a gift for someone that is really hard to shop for. An employee at the store you are at comes up to you and helps you find the perfect gift. The next day, you are out with a friend and they are having trouble finding a gift for someone. Do you just listen to them and not tell them about your great experience you had? No! You help them out and tell them to check out that store and share your experience you had.

You probably know where I am going with this… we have interactions with people every day. You talk to people that are unhappy in their career.  They feel stuck.  They don’t feel supported.  They are overworked and underpaid.  Sound familiar?

I might be biased, but the consulting opportunities that I work on help people get out of that funk. The projects are challenging. Bored? Not anymore. The consultants that work on these projects are viewed as experts. Not feeling supported? Not anymore, when you have a team behind you in the form of a consulting firm. The work/life balance that everyone talks about actually IS a balance. And if you do have to work over 40 hours, you’re getting paid for every hour. Overworked and underpaid? Not anymore.

The next time you hear someone say they aren’t happy where they are – tell them to reach out to Hollstadt! Our recruiting team would love to meet them and find them that perfect fit.

So… who do you know?


Updated from our March 2019 post.