Consultant Downtime: Thrive Between Assignments

Who Do You Know?

Who do you know? How many people do you think you interact with on your average day? Loaded question, isn’t it? Let’s first define interaction. Let’s count everyone who you speak to and who speaks back in one way or another as an interaction. It can be as simple as...
Consultant Downtime: Thrive Between Assignments

Hollstadt’s Candidate Experience

If you’ve been following us on any of our social media channels, you’ve seen #TheHollstadtDifference. But what exactly does The Hollstadt Difference mean? It means a lot of different things but one of the things that makes a huge difference at Hollstadt is the...
Consultant Downtime: Thrive Between Assignments

The Risks of Giving Your Time Away For Free

For a full-time employee in a corporate setting, it was not unheard of to have a work week that consisted of 50-70+ hours. Perhaps that was your pre-consulting life too? Full-time employees responsibilities are full of project deadlines, deliverables, on-call hours,...