When working with a consulting firm, the candidate experience should be just as important as the services the firm provides. A personalized experience can make all the difference in creating a positive relationship between you and your potential future employer. But what should you look for?

First, let’s define what we mean by “candidate experience.” This refers to the entire process of applying for a job, from initial interest to final decision. It includes things like the application process, interview experience, and any follow-up communication. A personalized candidate experience shows that the firm values you as an individual and is invested in your career goals and success.

Personalization can take many forms, but here are some key things to look at when deciding which consulting firm is best for you:

Customized communication:
Sick of getting those generic emails that are clearly sent to all candidates? Make sure you find a firm (and more specifically a recruiter) that gets to know you. At Hollstadt, you may not hear from us constantly but you’ll know that when your recruiter reaches out they’ll be sending roles and communications that are specific to you, your qualifications and career goals.

Streamlined process:
Consulting firms should be clear up front about what the application and interview process looks like. At Hollstadt, this means you’ll talk to a few of our team members up front. While it may be more than other firms out there, we are going through an extensive matching process to ensure your goals are met along with our clients. All firms though should be providing clear instructions and quick turnaround times.

Make sure you work with a firm who is providing you with detailed feedback, whether offered a job or not. We really believe in this at Hollstadt as we know this can help candidates understand where they stand and how to improve for future opportunities. In many cases, this feedback can lead to an offer the next time the candidate is in front of a hiring manager for a new position.

Nobody wants to be left to figure out the ins and outs of a new client site on their own. You may want to ensure that the consulting firm you work with has guides when it comes to getting you onboarded after you’re placed. At Hollstadt, we have onboarding guides to help you get acclimated to the client culture and norms so you can get up to speed quickly. Understanding the culture ahead of time can also help you build better connections with the rest of the team, which always makes any new job a little easier!

Consultant Support:
Some consulting firms get a bad reputation when it comes to placing their candidates and leaving them once that initial point of contact with the client is over. For some people, this is okay for their working style. But for others, the lack of support can feel a little isolating and as if they’ve been abandoned. We make sure our consultants feel supported from the moment they are first communicated with here at Hollstadt. Our Service Delivery Team ensures that our candidates are a connected part of the Hollstadt team and always strive to treat you with respect. Our emphasis is on you and your career. As a consultant, you should always feel supported!

Career Preparation:
Have you thought about whether career enhancing trainings are important to you? It’s common for consultants to have a strong desire to upskill in technical areas and while some firms offer various training opportunities, others may not. Training courses can provide you with the continuing education you need to excel on your project and in your career. At Hollstadt, we offer all of our consultants training opportunities on hard and soft skills, including resources for various certifications.  You name it, we got it. Just another thing to consider while researching consulting firms.

While the ideal candidate experience may vary from person to person, those are some of the main areas we think you should consider when researching different consulting firms. At Hollstadt, we simply believe that your ongoing success as a professional should be one of our objectives and we do our best to ensure that we stay engaged with you throughout your assignment and after. We’ll be here for you every step of the way!